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Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation

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The only thing mold ever killed was the real estate transaction!

Mold does not cause cancer, does not cause brain damage, does not burn your hands or eyes - mold causes hay fever!  We are your Mold Clarity.


We make it our mission to assess and remediate mold issues with an honest and serious, LOW COST approach unlike the vast majority of the mold industry which exists solely for financial gain.

BEWARE THE SCAMS OF MOLD. This is NOT attic "mold"!

This is Condensation Staining - Completely Harmless

 Condensation staining is common and typical and is NOT a live mold condition. This occurs when humid air enters the attic, most often when the roof is colder than the house temperature (weather related), but also under conditions of poor ventilation or ventilation defects.  Sometimes the discoloration is from an obvious and current defect, a past defect now since corrected, - other times it is as simple as stack effect or natural rise.  Nonetheless, common and typical. When humid air comes in contact with the roof decking surface, condensation droplets occur. On the north sides, condensation and staining is more prevalent due to limited or no direct sunlight. Condensation can occur in winter, rainy seasons and sometimes summer. Meanwhile airborne particulate from outside and inside the attic attach to the condensation droplets. This particulate can be comprised of mold, dust, dirt, pollen, spider webs, dust mites, and other organic and inorganic matter that floats in and through the attic. When temperatures level off, the droplets dry up leaving a black, dirty stain spot, peppering or black shadowing – most often across the north sides of the roof decking- sometimes to all sides.  

So what's the problem?

NOTHING! - In most cases.  One of the fastest growing scams in the mold inspection, home inspection and home improvement industry is the Attic Mold Scam.  Mold can't grow in the attic - the environmental conditions are not conducive for live, active mold growth.  The attic is too hot and dry in the summer with temperatures too hot and so dry, any unwanted moisture dries up in seconds.In the winter, temperatures are too cold. Any viable mold spores entering the attic in the summer are killed by the lack of water. Mold needs temperatures of 40 degrees or warmer.  In the winter, any mold presence in the attic dies due to extreme cold and essentially being freeze-dried.  In the fall and spring, mold can sometimes begin to thrive, but usually the air flows dry out the attic and dry out the mold, and it all dies at Summer and winter regardless.  When mold dies it turns black.  Hence the "black mold" myth.  Black mold is dead mold.  Dead mold is dirt.  Dirt is harmless.  It's not causing wood rot and its not a health hazard.  While we do see a rare case of actual live mold growth in an attic, it is still a harmless condition that more often than not, is very easily and affordably mitigated without expensive physical removal processes

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Our FLAGSHIP SERVICE - High Concentration Ozone Shock with Antimicrobial Biostatic Surface Protectant.  This total sanitize process ensures complete kill of mold, batcteria, viruses and odors.  From Spring Cleaning to Distressed Property Stabilization, we safely bring the baseline to ZERO indoor contaminants. 


When building materials are truly damaged by water or fire, we provide full service fire and flood remediation services.


One of the biggest mold scams out there is "Mold Testing".  ALL MOLD TESTS ARE POSITIVE!  There are no established standards or regulations for acceptable levels of mold.  Our Simple, yet comprehensive mold inspections consider sight, smell, and environmental conditions, such as food sources, moisture content of building materials, weather, and empirical as well as statistical and fact-based medical evidence. We NEVER sensationalize nor promote the unreasonable fears of mold propagandized by the media and mold industry.


Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking.  Almost all homes have a radon level and we are here to conduct proper testing with the best equipment in the industry conducted by our Illinois Licensed Radon Measurement Professionals.

Indoor Air Quality and VOC Testing

Sometimes the causes of illnesses or even simple discomfort are difficult to figure.  We use only the most professional, industry standard diagnostic products and equipment, in conjunction with properly accredited and qualified laboratories to provide the most accurate data for proper analysis.

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